The air was a bit tense, their eyes were glued to each other and hands intertwined. The red candles, roses as well as the soothing sound of the violin complemented the exotic date night. His eyes asked questions and then, she took a deep breath and said “i want a divorce


It was another Christmas night and Sara sat at the balcony watching some children play with snow balls while others dressed like Santa Claus.

She had just displayed an impertinent attitude towards her hubby but she felt guilty. Regret and anger fed on her attitude and she copied its elements.

She hit her hands against her head until Sam grabbed her hands and smacked it on his face 3 times before she withdrew. What are you doing?” She asked, trying to rub off the pain as though it could be done. “Its my fault, i cant just do anything” he cried and she replied “Don’t say that, you can anything. I’m sorry i said those bad things in the afternoon”

She raised him to his feet and now, she smelt something that triggered her, alcohol. “Have you been drinking?” She asked, infuriated. Now, he was staggering “no baby, j..u…st had a cup thats all” . She had thought he would not go drinking today.

Cant you quit drinking for a day?… besides its 7pm” She screamed at him “i wanted us to spend this day happy. It has been 5 years since we last celebrated Christmas. Cant you remember that?” Tears pulled up in her eyes as she stormed into the house. “Babe, i..m so…oo…rr…y” he dragged.


It was 12am. Sara was laying on the bed when he tapped her and placed a plate of rice and a glass of drink before her. She hadn’t eaten all day. She looked up at him and he smiled and kissed her forehead “hey babe, I’m sorry”. She frowned as though she would not accept his apology but he knew her quite well after living with her for 6 years. “I guess i will eat it all” he teased and she laughed.

Despite being childless for years, the couple’s love could never be defeated. Although their parents and siblings had showed disinterest in their union, they fought for their love and wore it around themselves like a shield. Poverty and little quarrels could not break them. So what could break them?

Where do you want to go today?” He asked “i would have loved to have a dinner on a yacht with roses and red candles… oh my!”

His face turned pale and she sensed “uh but its okay if we just take a walk around” she corrected knowing her request could never be fulfilled. All they had was a small house and their love. Sam had just been sacked from his workplace and their only source of income was a small bar which they had both contributed to erect behind their house.

If Sam ever quits drinking and cursing himself for his poverty, Sara believed the business would perform better.

They walked hand in hand along the deserted street talking about different topics with no one minute pause. They were always too engaged in their conversations just like the first day they met in a restaurant. She was a waitress and he was a customer, she brought his order and he left some cash, she took the cash and saw a note. It read “to; my cocky mistress, here is my number “. He waited for a call but never got one so he was her customer once more and he didn’t fail to ask “why didn’t you call?” and she said “it wasn’t an order”. From that day on, she was his cocky waitress.

Talking about their first date was a habit they had formed to renew their love life just in case they forget. Holding hands was to remember their vows to be together. As they walked down the street, they spotted a party close by and advanced to inquire. “its free, its a Christmas party for everyone living here” the man informed them. Pure bliss, they felt, as they danced and drank together. Laughing and jumping just like best friends. It had been a while they spent such a happy moment together and Sara told Sam but he just smiled.

The night was cold and dark as the couple staggered home, a bit drunk and just then, there was a blast. Everywhere was silent…………………………………

Sara struggled to open her eyes and her first encounter was a horror. She leaped up the bed and screamed. She could see Sam on the hospital bed with his hands bandaged. He will thereafter need a hand splint. “madam please calm down” the doctor pleaded but she struggled and cried until she blacked out.


It had been 2 month since Sam had been discharged and their life’s had become a living hell. Sara spent all day, alone in the house. The only time she saw Sam was by 11pm or sometimes, the next day. It was a Monday morning and she had just been informed that her hubby was laying on the road, sleeping. It was a disgrace but she endured. she dragged him into the house with his cloths rickering of alcohol. His addiction had worsened after he lost his left hand to the stray bullet shot in a gang fight that Christmas night. She had also lost a finger but she wouldn’t be pessimistic about it. She sat down on the sofa and began crying, looking at her wasted husband blabbing on the sit.

She grabbed her phone and called her mother “oh my darling daughter, you had cut all ties with your family because of that idiot…” mum, i’m ready now” she cut in.

Now, her days were not boring anymore. She was out everyday and Sam became worried. Once, she had come back with a bag of clothes and Sam acted as though he was drunk as usual. Sam read her messages and checked her call log everyday, ignoring his urge to drink. The strange night calls and gifts now diverted his attention but his addiction still lingered and he drank till he forgot his new found problem.

On a bright Sunday morning, Sam woke up to grab a bottle of drink but he noticed Sara had not come home. She had been out for 2 days and he drank the pain away but this time, he gave her a call but she didn’t pick. He called and called until his phone tripped off and then, he screamed and drank the pain away. Sara will later call Jason, his friend to attend to him. She was fed up.

Months passed and soon, the house was empty. Sam spent days at his friends apartment and Sara was away.

It was another Christmas and Sara was sitting on a table adorned with red roses with her new lover, jack. The soothing sound of the violin graced the exotic dinner. Jack was a man of vigor and his wealth spoke more of him. Sam walked in with his friend, Jason and then, it seemed like the earth stopped turning, their eyes met for the first time in 9 months. “Sam” “Sara” they said in unison. Sam was dressed properly and looked better as though he had overcome his addiction. He smiled at her and walked away. Sara took the divorce papers from jack and walked out.

For the first time in 9 months, she walked into her house. Everywhere was dusty and looked abandoned and memories of her and Sam lingered in her mind and tears rolled down her face. She caught sight of a piece of paper on the center table, it was dusty as though written a long time ago. She carefully opened it. It read; “my love for you will never die and i hope to see you soon. i’m going to get well and earn some money my love. Just remember that you are my everything. I write this letter to my cocky waitress”. she dropped the letter and hit her hands against her head until Sam grabbed her hands and smacked it on his face 3 times before she withdrew. “What are you doing?” She asked trying to rub off the pain as though it could be done. “Its my fault, don’t harm yourself. i am relocating to new york to start a new life. Will you come with me, my cocky mistress?” he smiled.

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