The objectives of ink slingers are many and varied and they are as follows:

  1. To develop aspiring authors and poets(worldwide) by way of tutoring and practical training
  2. To engage scholars from diverse countries in an interactive session which would enable scholars learn from each other. Also, through this medium, scholars are open to examine differences in the study of literature in various countries.
  3. Hosting competitions among our students to ensure that they are applying the knowledge acquired from the tutorials in practice.
  4. Promoting the works (stories and poems) of our students by publishing same on our website and other websites as well as our social media pages.
  5. Easier access to ongoing local/international competitions for our scholars.
  6. Easier access to available freelance writing jobs.
  7. Critiquing various literary works/ organizing workshops.
  8. Organizing literary games that will facilitate and ensure easier and faster learning.
  9. ensuring the growth of writers globally and exposing them to opportunities as well as boosting their confidence as writers.
  10. To bring unity among writers globally. 


NOTE: The above are not exhaustive as there are more objectives which we tend to achieve but are currently under review. We excluded them to prevent failed promises.

Above are our services. THANK YOU!


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