The air was a bit tense, their eyes were glued to each other and hands intertwined. The red candles, roses as well as the soothing sound of the violin complemented the exotic date night. His eyes asked questions and then, she took a deep breath and said “i want a divorce


It was another Christmas night and Sara sat at the balcony watching some children play with snow balls while others dressed like Santa Claus.

She had just displayed an impertinent attitude towards her hubby but she felt guilty. Regret and anger fed on her attitude and she copied its elements.

She hit her hands against her head until Sam grabbed her hands and smacked it on his face 3 times before she withdrew. What are you doing?” She asked, trying to rub off the pain as though it could be done. “Its my fault, i cant just do anything” he cried and she replied “Don’t say that, you can anything. I’m sorry i said those bad things in the afternoon”

She raised him to his feet and now, she smelt something that triggered her, alcohol. “Have you been drinking?” She asked, infuriated. Now, he was staggering “no baby, j..u…st had a cup thats all” . She had thought he would not go drinking today.

Cant you quit drinking for a day?… besides its 7pm” She screamed at him “i wanted us to spend this day happy. It has been 5 years since we last celebrated Christmas. Cant you remember that?” Tears pulled up in her eyes as she stormed into the house. “Babe, i..m so…oo…rr…y” he dragged.


It was 12am. Sara was laying on the bed when he tapped her and placed a plate of rice and a glass of drink before her. She hadn’t eaten all day. She looked up at him and he smiled and kissed her forehead “hey babe, I’m sorry”. She frowned as though she would not accept his apology but he knew her quite well after living with her for 6 years. “I guess i will eat it all” he teased and she laughed.

Despite being childless for years, the couple’s love could never be defeated. Although their parents and siblings had showed disinterest in their union, they fought for their love and wore it around themselves like a shield. Poverty and little quarrels could not break them. So what could break them?

Where do you want to go today?” He asked “i would have loved to have a dinner on a yacht with roses and red candles… oh my!”

His face turned pale and she sensed “uh but its okay if we just take a walk around” she corrected knowing her request could never be fulfilled. All they had was a small house and their love. Sam had just been sacked from his workplace and their only source of income was a small bar which they had both contributed to erect behind their house.

If Sam ever quits drinking and cursing himself for his poverty, Sara believed the business would perform better.

They walked hand in hand along the deserted street talking about different topics with no one minute pause. They were always too engaged in their conversations just like the first day they met in a restaurant. She was a waitress and he was a customer, she brought his order and he left some cash, she took the cash and saw a note. It read “to; my cocky mistress, here is my number “. He waited for a call but never got one so he was her customer once more and he didn’t fail to ask “why didn’t you call?” and she said “it wasn’t an order”. From that day on, she was his cocky waitress.

Talking about their first date was a habit they had formed to renew their love life just in case they forget. Holding hands was to remember their vows to be together. As they walked down the street, they spotted a party close by and advanced to inquire. “its free, its a Christmas party for everyone living here” the man informed them. Pure bliss, they felt, as they danced and drank together. Laughing and jumping just like best friends. It had been a while they spent such a happy moment together and Sara told Sam but he just smiled.

The night was cold and dark as the couple staggered home, a bit drunk and just then, there was a blast. Everywhere was silent…………………………………

Sara struggled to open her eyes and her first encounter was a horror. She leaped up the bed and screamed. She could see Sam on the hospital bed with his hands bandaged. He will thereafter need a hand splint. “madam please calm down” the doctor pleaded but she struggled and cried until she blacked out.


It had been 2 month since Sam had been discharged and their life’s had become a living hell. Sara spent all day, alone in the house. The only time she saw Sam was by 11pm or sometimes, the next day. It was a Monday morning and she had just been informed that her hubby was laying on the road, sleeping. It was a disgrace but she endured. she dragged him into the house with his cloths rickering of alcohol. His addiction had worsened after he lost his left hand to the stray bullet shot in a gang fight that Christmas night. She had also lost a finger but she wouldn’t be pessimistic about it. She sat down on the sofa and began crying, looking at her wasted husband blabbing on the sit.

She grabbed her phone and called her mother “oh my darling daughter, you had cut all ties with your family because of that idiot…” mum, i’m ready now” she cut in.

Now, her days were not boring anymore. She was out everyday and Sam became worried. Once, she had come back with a bag of clothes and Sam acted as though he was drunk as usual. Sam read her messages and checked her call log everyday, ignoring his urge to drink. The strange night calls and gifts now diverted his attention but his addiction still lingered and he drank till he forgot his new found problem.

On a bright Sunday morning, Sam woke up to grab a bottle of drink but he noticed Sara had not come home. She had been out for 2 days and he drank the pain away but this time, he gave her a call but she didn’t pick. He called and called until his phone tripped off and then, he screamed and drank the pain away. Sara will later call Jason, his friend to attend to him. She was fed up.

Months passed and soon, the house was empty. Sam spent days at his friends apartment and Sara was away.

It was another Christmas and Sara was sitting on a table adorned with red roses with her new lover, jack. The soothing sound of the violin graced the exotic dinner. Jack was a man of vigor and his wealth spoke more of him. Sam walked in with his friend, Jason and then, it seemed like the earth stopped turning, their eyes met for the first time in 9 months. “Sam” “Sara” they said in unison. Sam was dressed properly and looked better as though he had overcome his addiction. He smiled at her and walked away. Sara took the divorce papers from jack and walked out.

For the first time in 9 months, she walked into her house. Everywhere was dusty and looked abandoned and memories of her and Sam lingered in her mind and tears rolled down her face. She caught sight of a piece of paper on the center table, it was dusty as though written a long time ago. She carefully opened it. It read; “my love for you will never die and i hope to see you soon. i’m going to get well and earn some money my love. Just remember that you are my everything. I write this letter to my cocky waitress”. she dropped the letter and hit her hands against her head until Sam grabbed her hands and smacked it on his face 3 times before she withdrew. “What are you doing?” She asked trying to rub off the pain as though it could be done. “Its my fault, don’t harm yourself. i am relocating to new york to start a new life. Will you come with me, my cocky mistress?” he smiled.

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I waved the filthy newspapers at each passerby,the smoke emanating from the train chocked my breath and blurred my sight but each time, i placed my hands on my nose to escape the stink, still determined to sell the newspapers dated 27th may 1956. “Latest news from all over the world” i said with a wide smile and a man grabbed it and for a minute, he stared at me as though to tell me i had lost my senses. He threw it back at me and brushed pass me,infuriated. A smile lingered on my face, at least someone had recognized my presence at the train station.

That boy is selling old trashed newspapers” i heard the man report to his friend who gazed at me maliciously until they got into the train. Although he was right, i felt as though someone had lied about what i was selling.

I stared at my tattered shirt and for a moment, i pitied myself. It was nothing to be compared to the tick fabric that had just caught my attention. i wondered how the fabric was glued to the man’s body as though he was born with it. A kid was on the man’s right hand carrying a box that read “magic my world”.

I couldn’t tell why i couldn’t stop smiling. I wanted to grab the box, touch it and see what was inside. I also wanted to perform magic but as soon as the man took sight of me and smiled, i ran off without hearing what he wanted to say. “Hey boy!” I heard him shout but i didn’t turn back for reasons i didn’t know about.

I stopped to catch my breath. I sat on a chair in the train station,my head throbbing in pain, i was hungry. My tummy rumbled and my mouth watered at the sight of a girl eating hot pie. Her legs were crossed against the other with her long red hair and makeup beaten face. She seemed rather cocky from a distance.

I approached her and she diverted her gaze at me . “Can you help me with 1 pound?” I asked and her face sent a powerful message of disgust. Not only did her mouth change shape, her eyes seized me from head to toe and she finally said what i was waiting for and then walked into the train.

As the warms fed on my tummy, i dug my hands in my pocket hoping i would get some magic notes or a penny. That would have been possible if my pocket was not bored with holes. This had become my work each morning so as to have a meal. It always went well but today seemed quite harsh. It would have been a lot better if that red head girl told me i was poor than telling me i was a begger because i am not and will never be. Bare not for the fact that my master wouldn’t give me food until night time, i wouldn’t be asking for money.

It struck me in momentum that i had forgotten to go to the pharmacist. I ran out of the train station and into streets. I stumbled and bumped into a police officer. His blond hair and heavy pistol scared me. His total British look scared me the most and then he said “are you a blind man?” Before hitting me with the pistol and for a moment, i prayed my country, Nigeria would gain its independence quickly to be set free from colonization. “I’m sorry” i pleaded earnestly before he let me go.

At the pharmacist small shop was a British man with full beards and immediately he sighted me, he smiled and said “hey boy!”. Of course no one knew my name and neither did i. All i knew was the name my master called me and that was “hey boy!”.

“Hello Mr bean, i need erasol, the one my master takes for his kidney problem” i said and the man handed it over to me and added “you know you owe me for the 2 i had given you before, make sure you pay up boy!”. I thanked him and moved out, indebted to him for always being kind to me unlike my master, a white man with an air of pride and always with a toothpick in his mouth. i pray he will choke on it someday.

The walk from the pharmacist shop to the house seemed like a long distance. I knocked at the door a billion times but no one opened up. I jumped in through the window and behold was my master, laying dead on his bed. Master!…master!” I cried out, not because i liked him or wished he lived long but because he was the only reason i ate food at night. What was i going to do now? I jumped out through the window and escaped into the street so as not to be accused for a crime i didn’t commit.

I trudged down the street with no idea as to what had happened or what i should do. I slumped and began to cry. I hoped a rich man would see me crying and raise me up just like in the movies but under the bridge was were i sat, crying through the cold night, i famished and so was my take on life.

The morning chill seeped through my skin and the sign of imminent rain greeted. I caught sight of a postal on the street and i could recognize the face of the performer. “Gerald’s voice” was the title of the show which was written below the picture. The head title read “G.G circus” and below “featuring Gerald….”

I had never attended a circus and i wished i could. I didn’t want to attend as an audience but instead, one of the performers. I could remember back then in my early years in school when Gerald and i would stroll down to a stream in the village to fetch water and along the way, talk about our dreams. Once, he had said “i want to be an opera singer” and then, he would sing on and on,until we went home. But as i stared at the postal, i was sure his dreams had come through. why hasn’t mine? I asked myself and cursed at myself.

My mate had made it in life but here i was, not being able to eat 3 square meal. Will i just be poor till i die? I asked myself before my tummy ate me up. I rushed into a store, giving less attention to the consequence of my action, i tore a bread and ate.

The black security guards grabbed me and threw me to the ground. They battered me until i vomited the food. On the ground was were i lay until i heard someone shout “stop it!” . I raised my head and before me was Gerald. I could not believe my eyes. “I will pay. so please…” he said and raised me to my feet.

In his car, i sat stiff, determined not to look at him and afraid i might see a visage of pity on his face. I hated that look. “Talk to me man!” He said and so was the genesis of explaining my life to him and then he caught me short on my story and said “come with me”

The circus was very wide and the lights were so bright, i covered my eyes. Thousands of people were gathered and there i was, among the crowd waiting for Gerald to finish his performance. “Be careful in this circus, no one is your friend” Gerald had told me and i agreed.

I was pressed and decided going to the toilet but as i scanned around, i seemed to have lost my way. I saw a man, i tapped him from behind but he didn’t turn around so i went ahead with my question “where is the restroom?” Hey boy!…” the man finally spun around and now i could recognize him, the magician i had seen at the train station. “I will tell you were the rest room is but you would fill up the gap for my boy” he said and i just stared, confused. “My boy cannot be found so i want you to fill in the gap” he continued and i rejected, taking the advice Gerald had given.

Okay fine, i will pay you 5 pounds” he said and my mouth dropped. In a rush of excitement, i grabbed the small box. Gerald was singing when the magician bagged in with me and threw a red cloth on Gerald and Gerald’s voice seized and the crowd went silent. I could detect the look on Gerald’s face was that of betrayal and i grabbed the magicians stick with faith, determination and belief ,and then i pointed it at Gerald. I grabbed the red cloth with the stick and flipped it over Gerald’s head and the last pitch Gerald hit was a pitch no one had ever hit in the history of opera.

The crowd cheered loudly for a very long time and i approached the magician to confront him but he smiled and bowed. He said “i knew you could do it. I recognize a born magician when i see one. I had learnt mine but you are the first to be a born magician. Have faith in yourself and believe.”

The crowd had never cheered so loud for any circus show but as i stood in the middle, the crowd cheered and it was recorded in history as the greatest show with a REAL MAGIC!



I staggered into the bar, it seemed like i had skipped afternoon and now it was night. Was it just morning and night or did i forget what i did in the afternoon?

Perhaps it was the glass of wine in my hands that could be blamed. I raised the glass and ordered for the 9th wine to be served on my table. Someone walked towards me and i struggled to focus on the person but the alcohol delivered blurred visions. Now i could see my boss,Jeffrey after struggling with blur sight. I grabbed the person by the collar and punched the face, i believed that was enough revenge for him relieving me of my job when i needed it the most. Jeffrey had said – “this company needs more from you and you seem to be distant minded during work hours. Miss Rachel, i am really sorry for your loss but this company cannot fall for your sake. I’m sorry but i would have you replaced.”

Once, i had thought he had a soft spot for me after my fiance’s death but as he spoke those words, i could see my expectations floating and reality striking its truth. How easy the words flowed before he placed a piece of paper in my hands and though i pleaded and pleaded with tears flowing down my cheeks, he seemed rather cold, his face bold and indifferent but something told me there was more to that “Goodbye, Miss Rachael.” he said and again, i doubted he was my once humble and kind boss.

Holding him by his collar and punching him while staggering was less of the punishment i intended but that was until i was hit by a hard object and lay on the ground like a corpse, my eyes moving side to side and then – nothingness.

David!” I screamed and the cold air of the luxury room greeted and then i wrapped my hands around myself. “Easy, you are safe” a bold voice spoke and i spun around tentatively. Behold was my boss “how dare you touch me” i retorted irately before he smiled in a way that tickled my temper. “I didn’t touch you, God saved you i was there before they could get you beaten up for punching a gang member at the bar last night” he chuckled “what were you thinking?” He asked as though he didn’t know how much i wanted to repeat the same action but with him as my specimen. The way he walked confidently across the room as he spoke made me think about deadly tools and just when i thought the disgust was over, he smiled and crawled next to me.

I’m sorry for your loss” he said “don’t Jeffrey,I’m leaving” i responded and stormed out of the room.

Home never seemed so lonely and the thought of David, my late fiance could not stop haunting me and each time i stared at his picture, a tear would roll down my cheeks. The sound of the car as it spun and smashed unto the tree was my horrifying lullaby and the sight of it, my nightmare. I couldn’t take it anymore, so i packed out of the house leaving our memories within those walls for strangers to occupy. Moving into my new apartment reassured me of a new life, a new start and a new day all together but that was until i stared out through the window on a bright Saturday morning and caught sight of beautiful flowers which reminded me of the flowers which David had delivered to my office on Valentine’s day but just like those flowers horded romantic memories, they were bits of my horror. Those were the same flowers i had seen in his car after the fatal accident that occurred before my eyes. that horrifying day when i sighted his car coming to pick me up from my office as usual, i spotted the flower on the passengers sit and i smiled a wide smile absent to the fact that i would not see him again and just then, his brakes failed and i watched my lover die in a car accident. Now, i had to move on so i shut the window and moved into my car. My BMW was shiny black and i drove it to my office. It had been years since i had been here, everything looked so different but when i spun around and hugged him, nothing seemed different after all. “Jeffrey” i whispered in his ears and he smiled. “I love you” he said and i smiled.

We were at the hotel and i kissed his neck passionately until he said “stop” . We stared at each other and then he said “David really lost a rare gem. Too bad for a man that thought himself to be a smart man” “too bad he was a joker but not as smart as joker” i said and then we laughed before i reached to pour some wine into a glass. I handed it over to him and he smirked and said “drink it first” “you don’t trust me?” I said and took a sip. He smiled at me “i trust you with all my heart. It still hurts me that David faked his death just so he could be with another woman in another country”

Such an idiot” i responded and handed him my unfinished wine. “Its been 5 years since then so please leave it in the past” i continued as i watched him drink up. His phone rang and he gave me permission to pick it up “it must be the contractor from the east. Tell him to come in” and so i did.

As the door pulled open and shut, David stood before us, his eyes beaming with fury and then, i turned and stared at Jeffrey, he got off the bed “what?how did you get here and why are you looking at me that way?”

He is here because i asked him to be here and he is looking at you because YOU LIED TO US!” i screamed and staggered off the bed “you are the joker but without brains.” I said “believe me, i would love you more than David ever would. I would give you back your position when you get over him and come to your senses. I would make sure you never feel down. David isn’t dead, he faked his death and left you for another woman. I swear i would never do that if you come with me” i mimicked, remembering how he intended brainwashing me and taking advantage of my weak situation. Only if he knew how much i hated him, he would never have used such trick not after i had read an email on his phone 3 years back instructing a man to cut off the brake from Davids car, guess he was jealous of David love for me.

As i looked at his silly face which shouted “why did you betray me?” I wanted to slap him despite knowing he was dying slowly and just then, he coughed out blood. “What did you do?”Jeffrey asked,i knew the poison would only become effective when its diluted and not immediately its put in the wine. “I drank the wine when it was freshly put but you drank it later on baby” i said and smirked “what did you do?…this was not the plan!” David shouted “you better be thanking my ass i found you 3 years ago and helped you regain your memory unless you would have married that bitch you didn’t even know” “don’t call her bitch!…she saved my life when you thought i was dead”

i helped you regain your memory, David” i said

I’m leaving. I cant do this. I don’t want to be a murderer. I never told you to do this”what?…what do you mean…are you going to leave me now?” I asked and continued “you know you cant do tat right?” And then i heard the siren and i looked back at Jeffrey who dropped the phone, smirked with bloody teeth and dropped. “I’m sorry” David said and I couldn’t believe i was seeing David run away while the police rushed in and had me in cuffs. As i sat in the cell, i murmured “David,David, David”

Was Jeffrey right all this time? Was David only pretending?…who should i believe?



As Gerald shoved the branches aside and pushed deeper into the forest, he heard distant screams and faint whispers of less coherent words. Crickets creaked, breaking the silence of the dark night. The cold chill of the night seeped through his veins and he wrapped his arms around himself to rob off the chill.

A lab experiment had turned to an awful horror and now time seemed to be stuck at 12am leaving no time for daylight.

There he was, his back lay on a tree and his knee pulled up to his chest. He feasted on his last meal, biting and chewing. As he took the last bite, he doubted ever tasting food again. He threw the wraps away and they billowed in the breeze and he imagined his soul doing same in few hours time.

Damn it!” He screamed, detesting ever listening to Jason’s new innovation.

How about we form a chemical that can make people transform? He could remember that was Jason’s idea of a new innovation. “we have to find a remedy if anything goes wrong” he had suggested but Jason opposed.

Gerald would later accept the idea and put it into practice after his daughter had rejected it. “Dad, just do your normal job. You are a great scientist, you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone but he wouldn’t listen. It was his 10th year of working and he swore he would take the award of the best scientist in year 3001.

The silence of the earth bore a whole in his heart. The explosion on concluding the so-called experiment had not only turned Jason to a shape shifting being but had as well eliminated the whole world leaving only the 6 people present in the lab.

I will kill you Jason Gerald whispered sequel to his horrifying recollection. He staggered from the ground. It was now clear to him that Jason had only done the experiment for his own benefit,transforming himself into a mystical being. He hit his hands against a tree until blood began to spill. He could remember how Jason had crushed one of his friends, Daniels head against the wall, burnt him alive and threatened “I’m feeling so much power!…you all should bow to me. I am now the ruler of the earth. If not, i would kill you with my breath”

Gerald imagined his 4 friends souls wallowing in loneliness and he wept in despair wishing they had all made it out of the dragons[Jason’s]  mouth. He began to feel chest burn and he bit his lips, imagining how the fire had scavenged their skin.

Gerald’s narrow escape was a bit cowardly as he watched his 4 friends burn. If he ever knew Jason had it all planned all along, he would never have joined him but he could tell the cause of Jason’s brutality was the feeling of excess power he could not control and so he knew there was only one way out and that was killing Jason or rather, he kills him. One mistake of his had cost a billion life’s on earth and that including his friends life’s. “Daddy” he heard his daughters voice from behind so he spun around but the darkness blurred his vision. He shouted “Sarah” but what greeted back was a loud moan. He would love to run as fast as his legs could take him,but there he was, standing face to face with Jason, the shape shifting dragon.

Although he called it a dragon, it was more or less like a shape shifting being. No matter what it turned to, its breath was fire and so, the name dragon.

Now Jason took the form of his daughter but he knew quite well that it wasn’t. “Daddy” it repeated and stretched out its hands for a hug. “Stay back Jason,unless i will kill youGerald said and brought out a red glowing stick. “You don’t scare me he said as his hands shivered.

Daddy, don’t kill me” it said and for a moment, he was glad he had read on ways to stop a shape shifting being before carrying on with the experiment.

Where did you take everyone?”Gerald asked and Jason’s laugh echoed, the earth trembled and some trees collapsed. “This was not the plan Jason. you deceived us!” he shouted and Jason moved closer “you all looked down on me. I told you i could do something. I told you i was the best scientist didn’t i? Jason said and continuednow look, i can get rid of the entire world in less than a second. I really don’t want to harm you brother. Give me the hala!!!” It screamed and Gerald shouted “never!…its either you die or i die”.

There was a thundering laughter before Jason said “That’s not how its done Gerald. Anyone who holds the hala dies because the energy is thunderous. Therefore, if you kill me, you would also die”

It was then that Gerald remembered what his friend, Daniel had told him about the hala. That notwithstanding, he was happy he had gone ahead with his plan of creating a remedy for the so called experiment. A tear rolled down his face and a picture of his daughter, Sarah formed in his head; her bright eyes and midnight dark hair, he wouldn’t forget. He wished, for a moment, he could kiss her and tell her how much he missed her and how sorry he was for not listening to her. I miss you my baby” he cried and then Jason shape shifted into a wolf, he rushed at Gerald and let out his fire breath.

Gerald took a deep breath and stretched the hala. There was an explosion and a bright light enveloped the whole world and then, once again, people roamed the earth. The voices of people could be heard walking on the street and cars drove as usual.

Award for the best scientist goes to Gerald, the first man to create the Hala” Mr Henry announced and Sarah received the award and said “representing of my father, sir Gerald Stephen, i thank you all” . Then she walked to her sit and placed the award on his leg. “Congrats dad” she wrote on a piece of paper and he smiled and nodded. Maybe he would discover how to regain his hearing and perhaps his voice someday.

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I took the flowers from the windowsill, grabbed a cup of coffee and trudged to the sitting room. My little angels roamed around with their tiny feet’s, i could hardly focus on the movie i was watching. My phone rang – Mum,displayed as the callers ID.

A rash eagerness engulfed me and i picked up. In glee, i screamed “hello mum!” As though it was still 2005 when i had finished my secondary school and was waiting for my JAMB results to determine if i was to go to college or not. “ah!…its me, the Generator man” the person said and i froze as though my mum could actually call me just as she did each time i stayed for prep after school. “Hello Jennifer, my daughter how are you?…may God grant you wisdom, knowledge, understanding, high intelligence, smartness…” and she would go on and on praying until her credit will run out while i would just be nodding my head in disregard.

Sorry Mr salami, i don’t know how your number is saved as MUM on my phone. You can come and fix the generator now” i answered and then hung up.

I was sure it was one of my daughters and so i asked “eva and ella, which one of you touched my phone?” They both stared at each other, making funny faces until they began laughing. I knew they wouldn’t answer me because they didn’t understand. They would have, if they were not imbeciles.

I sat back on my sit and sipped my coffee wishing i could talk to my twin daughters but they only understood their own language. I wished i could talk to someone,tell them how i felt, cry on someone’s shoulders,laugh with someone.

I dropped the coffee cup on the sink and reached for the cooker to prepare my favorite meal, coconut rice. It never tasted as sweet as his, never borrowed the same aroma of the past days of my love life but yet i ate it. Not because of its taste but because it gave me a chance to reminisce my beautiful love life with him, Gerald. The man everyone would wish for was all mine but i guess i was engaged in self sabotage, destroying my perfect marriage, squeezing and tearing it off as though it was an awful horror.

Hand in hand, we would walk down after lecture hours, kissing and playing each step of the way. His dance moves were wicked, enough to make my screaming laughter explode to a loud cough.

If i did ever cry, he was there to coddle and motivate me. His dark brows and pointed nose gave him an air of a vicious mortal but each time those eyes bore into me from time to time, i drowned in it and on the day i said i do after 3 years, i borrowed his eyes.

Now, we were one body but something,just something was missing and i told my mum “i am not feeling something i want to feel” but she smiled “my daughter, forget it. This man likes you oh, don’t destroy your perfect relationship” but each time, i fought the urge to create holes on the smooth shit, steering up unnecessary quarrels and getting upset until i finally bore the whole. But this time, it was deeper than i had taught.

I’m sick and tired of this marriage” echoed in my head and i fell on the cooker sequel to my awful recollection and tears pulled up in my eyes. Before me, was my daughter. “Mumma” she managed to speak and i caught sight of the photo album scattered between her legs “why are you playing with the photo album?” I yelled at her as though it was not normal for a 6 year old to play like that. Perhaps i was transferring aggression.

I packed up the photo album Gerald had made and a tear flowed down my cheeks.

My smile was very wide while my mum hugged me so tight, my cheek was pressed to hers. the photo was my 2nd best. I could remember how my mum had prepared for my prom. Dressing me up and flattering me while i rolled my eyes. “You are the prettiest girl in the world” she said and i smiled sheepishly, a little embarrassed. The picture shared a feeling of joy and happiness of my good old days. Memories of the past of love. I flipped on another picture and the words “i will save this picture. When our daughters grow up, i will show them and they would laugh at you” those words, Gerald had directed at the weird picture where i was absurdly scared of a teddy bear he showed me on our first Christmas night after marriage. I guess it was the size of the teddy and not the creepy face that caused the fear. But each time i told him, he would tease and tease until i pulled his ear.

See how i opened my mouth” i said, staring at the picture. I dropped it and began searching for my favorite picture. Just where did they throw it? I thought. My daughter tapped me and i looked up, she Stretched out her palms and i grabbed what lay on her palms.

A smile creased my face as i stared at the beautiful picture i had taken with my mum on my convocation day. Her smile was radiant and she hugged me, pressing my cheeks to hers while i smiled broadly. I could remember how embarrassed i felt when she grabbed me that day but worse was when she carried me and began shouting “my daughter graduated with a first class in geology”. I felt as though i wanted my breath to seize but as i stared at the picture, i wished i could pull her out of the picture or perhaps go back into the picture and re experience it. I wished i could feel that way once more, if just for a moment i want to… I stared at my wedding picture were we were dancing. And i wished;

If i could get another chance or another day, another dance with her. I will play a song that will never ever end. How i will love to dance with my mother again.

I began crying and i felt two little hands wipe my tears. I looked up and my daughters were smiling at me. They both shook their head and i knew they meant don’t cry. They packed up the photo album and helped me to the sitting room, turned on the television and sat with me. In the movie, the actor said “I’m old,my nerves are weak so let me go” it reminded me of my mum’s last day on earth but i struggled to keep the tears from falling. I wouldn’t want to make my daughters sad. It was her time, she was old. She was more lucky than my dad who died 2 years after i was born so i know she would be happy wherever she is.

I picked up my phone and deleted the last picture i had of Gerald. I had hoped he would come back but its already been 4 yrs since he left. I should never have told him he was the cause of his father’s death. Now i’m older and mature. I should have loved them better and most especially, i should have told them they were everything i had.

I regret it all. All i am left with are the memories of my good old days.

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Dear peter, its been 2 years since you left for work. Remember you told me you will be back the next day but it has already been months now. Hope you have eaten? Hope you are taking your medications at the right time? i’m dancing to the tone of your voice playing in my head.

Do you remember the 26th of October?, the dim lights in my garden, the large pizza on the table. You remember you made it right?

Do you remember how your mum screamed at you for sneaking out of the house?

That night was perfect and so were you, with your tightly knotted tie and your over seized suit that made you seem like you were going to fly along with the wind which signified imminent rain. I can never forget how the rain messed up that day and the pizza was left soaked while we ran inside my dads garage. If my dad ever caught us, he would be so mad.

It was fun squatting in my dads garage until my dad came out and walked towards the garage. The way he walked reminded me of king-kong. Do you remember my 13th birthday? The way he walked when he grabbed you in his hands and pushed you out and into the street was similar to the day when we were almost caught in the garage.

You are only 15, how can you be such a brat?…leave my daughter alone” those words my dad spoke made me laugh, not because it was funny but because i knew you would never leave me alone and so, the next day, you came by my widow on a ladder, and left some pizza for me with a note “my heart is in this pizza, don’t eat it” and just then, before you spun around to leave, i called out your name and ate the pizza as though i haven’t eaten one before, rolling my eyes like it tasted like heaven.

I almost fell off my window when you made some gestures as though i was eating your heart and then, you threw yourself to the ground, faking death. The scene was so dramatic, i laughed so hard. Do you remember?

Do you remember my dad was an inch close to opening that garage but then my mum called him and he moved away? We would both have been dead if he opened the garage. The rain was freezing and you wrapped your arms around me and the genesis of our love story was a second from sparking and just then, we were in our dreamland of a first kiss. Do you remember?

Dear peter, who could ever believe our love would last this long after that tragic breakup in high-school when you fell head over hills for Ginika, the wild girl that could never button her shirt, leaving all cleavage to be mopped at by boys. She had the air of a wayward girl to whom prostitution was familiar but you found her beautiful, meeting up with her behind close doors and sharing sexual pleasures and each time, you would ignore me. Do you remember?

I began dressing like her to steal your attention but then, you got disgusted and quit speaking to me. You later left high school and i regretted the fact that you took her for the prom and left me lonely. I despised you. Do you remember?

Dear peter, you never got to gist me about your days in college so I’m waiting for you to come back and tell me about it. Tell me everything. How many girls did you date? How many planes have you crashed so far? How did you get into the air force. Tell me…

This is my 24th letter, why wont you reply me?

Just once,please.

Do you remember the first time you texted me after high school?… “dear ginger head, i miss you. I’m so lonely. My mum just died” . Beside your mum’s grave was were we sat, both of us, pregnant with words to tell each other but when we parted our lips, “I’m sorry” was all you said before i added “its okay“. We didn’t care if the rain battered, did we? We were always there for each other through thick and thin.

Do you remember how i screamed when you proposed to me inside the airplane. You never told me you were a pilot. Though i felt betrayed, the glittering ring blinded me i must say.

Thank you for the ring, thank you for loving me, thank you for giving me the best wedding, thank you for the luxurious honeymoon, this words i wanted to tell you all this time.

You never listen to me. Your job and your passengers meant a lot to you right?

I didn’t mean anything right?

You did your job and left to drop off your passengers at america but why haven’t you called back yet?

You said it was a days job and you would send a letter to me. What plane crash am i hearing about?

It must be another plane, i told myself.

Where are you my sweet pilot? its already 1984.

I miss you so much

I’m swimming in pain.

The agony is hard on me my love,

Have you eaten?

Are you lonely?

Or are you in this spot i drop this letter?

I can see RIP(1964-1982).

“Please write back” i said as i stared at the 24 letters scattered on the grave. Would he ever reply?




They say,

Love yourself for who you are.

But sincerely mum, who i am is you.

Most people are in haste to look at the star but i am not.

All i have to do is to make you smile and i will be staring at one too.

Mothers, you make things so easy for me. If i could, i would cage you and never set you free, I’m a little stingy.

But mum we are talking about you.

Mum, you are special and that is true.

It may be possible to gill pure Gold but who can make this mother more beautiful.

She cannot be compared to an opulence of delicious order.

Not to mention compared to another.

Mother let me be your usher.

Permit me to show you round the universe but it seems like the universe already revolves around you.

You are an esteemed guest on this earth, an angel sent down.

The heavens cried when you slipped from their hands and unto earth.

Words cant explain how special you are and how priceless you are to me.

You mean more than this poem, you mean more than this black and white inscriptions.

You are beyond words.

Forgive me for belittling you with these words i wrote but this is all i can give because i am human unlike you, immortal goddess.

Welcome to earth my beautiful angel, universe, treasure, priceless jewel.

Happy mother’s day my pretty mama💓💓💓💓💓💓💓




Sometimes i want to write a story but these hands are too unstable to produce something admirable.

Then i want to say some words but my lips are too tied to let it flow.

My deem past and future mingle, leading to an endless battle in my creep mind.

I feel a thousand bombs in my brain but that is peerless with the fire in my soul.

What will i do?

Where will i start from?

Will i get a job?

Will i ever get to live the life i want?

My head seems never to give it a rest.

My drenched eyes, my wrinkled skin, my prostrate bones.

They scream painful laughter.

Here, i have the job i want.

Now time seems to be away.

I’m caught up in my work, no time for leisure.

My head keeps wallowing in Dreamland’s but i have not been drinking.

I lay in bed and same question pops up but now it said;

You are nothing.

You wont make it.

You will never live the life of your dreams.

I stagger up, my head heavy with negative possibilities.

I get to my work place, i share smiles.

Who knows what i am thinking?

Who sees my tears?

Who knows my fear?

I heard someone say

Good day miss you look great

She was a mere cleaner but she gave out so much positive thoughts.

I smiled.

I still lay on the fence, indecisive of the route i should take.

Should i give up or keep moving on?

I’m stock between two walls.

By Prisca Enwerem © 2019 All Rights Reserved.




The smell of imminent rain greeted me as soon as i packed my luggage into the travelling van i and my little sister, Esther had hired. It seemed like a long journey ahead. As i stared at my decrepit house with algae declining its already lost value, tears rolled down my cheeks as though i was staring at a beautiful mansion. Esther consoled me as she walked me to the car. Only she could understand my pain. The pain of loosing an inherited property, your home, your world, your childhood memories and all the beautiful moments you had shared with your family over the years. All these pain was burdened upon my heart and i chocked on my saliva before she said “lets go” and then i knew it was all over. The once lively home, buoyant with joy and enthusiasm for life was now like a pulpit adorned with gloom and wretchedness. As the car drove off, i swore i wouldn’t regret my decision and i prayed i wouldn’t fail in my goal.

It has been months we have been in the city searching for the reason for our arrival. It has been rough but as i placed my hands into my pocket, i knew it was about getting rougher. I removed my hands from my pocket and there was my empty palms staring at me. I was glad i had invested some money in a competition worth #5000 for the winner. We finally arrived at the Thomas studio, it was so wide with flash lights at each corner, the sits were red which complemented the stage. I almost fell flat on my face when i decided taking a step forward, the floor was greasy and i feared for my bones. “This place is awesome” my sister said before a voice spoke from above us and so i was compelled to stare at the ceiling, it was high up like the heavens and beautiful paintings gracefully adorned it and i was marveled. The chandelier hung from such great heights downwards and its lights flickered from one color to the other, i was amazed. “welcome to our competition, i would assume you have your invitation card” the man shouted and his voice echoed and faded slowly. “no sir, i am one of the contestants. i am not a viewer sir” i shouted, i detested stressing my neck to look upwards just so he could see my face “why cant he come down, my neck hurts. he is too high up” my sister said and the man replied “sorry entries have closed. it ended this morning’. My heart rate escalated, voices questioned me “you betrayed your father just to be turned down?“, “you sold your ancestral home for this competition and now what?” “where would you go to?” “how would you take care of your sister?”. The voices kept on playing in my head and i said “its not possible, i registered for this contest with so much money and i was also chosen. so what are you saying now?”. He angrily walked downstairs and looked at me sternly and said “i said entries have closed so leave” and then he walked pass me but i wouldn’t let him go so i held him by his arms and said “i was invited for this competition and i would not leave do you understand”. Such nerves” the man said and i replied “just show me to the room for the contestants”. sometimes i wished i didn’t have such nerves because that always brought me nothing but trouble and it did cause me trouble. I stood outside the studio and then rain battered i and my sister until we were completely soaked “you should have just begged now they threw us out of the studio”my sister said and i shouted “i will never beg for anything i deserve!” i said. We finally got a shed under a bridge. I looked at the heavens and it was completely cloudy “dad!” i shouted. I wished he could slap me for my rash decision, at least we would have had a roof over our heads even though food was absent. I didn’t know were to go from there. This was my first time coming to the city. The rain had subsided and my tummy eat itself but mine was less, i was sure my sister was worse, she had ulcer. She was smiling so wide to cover her pain, my heart sunk. I trudged from under the bridge and went to a supermarket. I grabbed a wrap on donuts and few drinks, at least sufficient to take us for the day. I looked around, no one was staring so i slowly moved out of the supermarket but then a sound came on and i noticed everyone’s eyes were on me. I ran rigorously and then grabbed my sister. We ran down the streets, crashing on different objects and people but then my sister sprained her foot and i was forced to throw the drinks away and carry her at my back. I raced with her into a narrow street. I noticed they had stopped chasing after us so i paused to catch my breath. I stared at my sister and i noticed her smile had faded, she looked hungry and i held her face and looked into her blue eyes, it was just like my dads eyes “i wish dad was here” she said and i nodded “mum shouldn’t have left dad just because he had AIDS and…“shh” i shut her up when i heard two people arguing from a house opposite us and then someone came out and threw a nylon into the dustbin. I was sure it was something tangible so i reached out and opened it. It was pizza. I ran and fed it to my sister, i was less concerned if i was hungry. I saw a tap running beside me so i drank some water. I danced through the night, enjoying each step. It was sufficient to fill my hungry stomach.

The morning was brighter than normal and i sensed a happy air so i woke my sister up but she didn’t stand up, she was a deep sleeper. I began to train for the competition as though i had been called, i continued dancing until it was afternoon. I looked back and my sister was still sleeping. I tapped her and i jerked, her body was on fire and she was shivering. “Esther, are you okay?” i asked and she just kept on shivering, tears just kept flowing. We arrived at the hospital and the doctor informed us that my sister had eaten infected food and money was required for her recovery. The doctor admitted her without charge and i promised to get the money within 6 days. I slowly walked out of the hospital, looking for the next step to take. I moved to roadside and began dancing were people dropped some cash into my container. I rushed to the hospital and the doctor informed me that my sister was getting worse and needed to see me. I was sitting beside my sister when she said “dance for me”. That was also the last words my dad spoke before he died, he named the dance and now my sis. I had no more tears to cry so got up and began dancing slowly like the ballet dancer i was. As i took the last step, i heard the door jam as though someone was watching me and then an applaud sounded, it was the doctor. “you are a profound dancer, you can apply for the competition in my brothers academy in thomas studios” he said and i was shocked and so was my sis. I felt like telling him i had once applied but it was better left unsaid and so i applied.

The applauding crowd smiled at me as i raised my award. “best dancer of the year” labelled on it and then, i stared at my sister. She stood among the crowd, healthy. It was time for my speech and so i held the mic but all that i could say was “DREAMS DO COME TRUE”



THE TRAGEDY I FORSEE [short story]

They were all sitting on a round table in a bar. The red/blue lights reflected on Austins expensive gold wristwatch as he placed his last game card on the table and then he shouted “check up”. Everyone groaned in displease and later applauded his victory. “you have won again”Victoria said and then spanked him on his shoulder and Austin replied “babe…you know this money is ours not just mine”then Victoria smiled sheepishly while the others teased them “you guys are gonna break up one day” Daniel said and then Henry added “you guys gonna have kids anytime soon” while Lola hissed and said “he loves me more”, they all giggled. Austin stood up and announced his intention to propose to Victoria immediately after their graduation from college and every one giggled and cheered in glee while Victoria blushed. “toast to our future Mr and Mrs” Daniel said as he raised a bottle of wine and blew it open. The bliss the 5 friends shared couldn’t be compared to anything. “i want to get married immediately after Daniel does” Henry said and Daniel hastily attacked “you have never had a girlfriend and you are talking marriage, what an irony”. Daniel had formed the habit of irritating Henry right from their high school days. Henry always delayed in dressing up for school and Daniel would have to pull him half dressed to school. “You are so dead if you aren’t dressed up Henry” Daniel would shout from his window which was opposite Henry’s. Henry had repeatedly told Daniel how he disliked the fact that he was his neighbor and Daniel would say “bare not for me, you will be the biggest looser in the world”.Daniel would always cling to Henry, following him everywhere and fighting in place of him as though he was his second skin and Henry would always complain.

Once, Henry had tried asking a girl out but she said “i really don’t like you,i just like your money”.When Henry had told this to Daniel, the thunderous laugh that advanced from his lips hit Henry right in his heart and he felt like crying and just then, Daniel broke the yoke and added “no girl is gonna look at you with that old nigga face of yours” and Henry broke down in tears leaving Daniel rolling and laughing on the ground. Weeks later, Henry got news that the girl who had turned him down was publicly disgraced by Daniel at the field. “Why did you do that?”Henry had asked and Daniel replied “nobody insults my best friend except me“. Henry remained confused as to that statement and Daniel kept on taunting him with his single status until they entered college were they saw two lovebirds who always went for lectures together and never allowed anybody in their midst but with Daniels personality, they had to let 3 people in their midst. Daniel had walked up to them on a bright Saturday morning and began cracking funny jokes which the girl almost chocked on and just then he proceeded and asked the girl”what is your name?” and she said “Victoria“. Daniel stylishly introduced his new girlfriend, Lola and his best friend Henry to her and she seemed to like her. It was all like a joke when Victoria’s introvert boyfriend began talking to them after a whole semester of complaining of their presence. Daniel never dared to ask his name but one day he said “my name is Austin and i hate the idea of you guys moving with us but if my girl wants it, i want it to”. Then they all giggled. 5 years of studying at college was like 1 year with them and Daniel felt a bit empty and sad as he stared at each one of them “you guys remember how we met?”Daniel asked and everyone began to laugh except Austin who replied”yes and i cant believe we would be graduating next week. i just want to stay with you guys till the end. i wish things would never change”.Everyone smiled at each other and then, a group hug. “Guys!lets do something crazy” Daniel suggested and Henry said “the last time you gave a suggestion, i got beaten up by gang members” “No man, this one is gonna be hella fun. trust me on this one” Daniel said and smiled “lets do it then!“Lola shouted and the rest of them concurred.The night was dark and the moon was absent. the road was deserted giving way for the five friends to drive their way through the dark at a high speed of 277.87 mph. The radio was drumming loud and the friends were screaming louder as they seeped some alcohol directly from the same glass. “i want some”Austin said but they refused and Daniel added “you better keep your eyes on the road or have us all dead in the middle of nowhere”. Austin giggled as he danced to the tune on the radio with his hands on the staring wheel. “i so love this your idea Daniel” Victoria said “i have never felt so great. being on the road is just so lit”Lola added and everyone giggled. “have a drink”Daniel suggested when he noticed Henry was not tagging along “common man”Austin persuaded staring at Henry through the rear-view mirror. “i will pass” Henry replied and then, they all began laughing heavily, a little tipsy and somehow wasted and Henry said “Austin, lets go back to school, they are really drunk” “no they aren’t, you don’t know what fun is that’s why”Austin replied as he wind down the car window and the cold breeze of the night rushed unto them and escalated their bliss and they began shouting and singing songs suddenly,they were thrown of balance and came tumbling on each other. “what the fuck!” Austin shouted. They all got down and before them was a little girl surrounded in a pool of blood. “what have you done Austin!”Victoria shouted and hit him on his face “i didn’t see her” Austin cried. Henry boldly pushed them aside, he said “i will get this done with. you don’t have to fret”. He grabbed the body and advanced into the forest. “stop!” Daniel shouted “i’m coming with you”he continued “don’t bother” Henry shouted as he pushed further. They heard the police siren and then, some sounds in the bush as though someone was watching them. “lets run!’ Austin suggested “no we cant” Henry said “why?do you wan to go to jail?” Daniel asked and Henry continued “if we run away, we would forever be fugitives because the police must already know we were 5 people” “If we run now, they wont see our faces you idiot!” Daniel shouted “they would copy our plate number” Henry said as his dropped the girl “we are gonna take it with us,burn the car and run on our feet” Austin said and Henry added “seriously man, i don’t want to be a fugitive for the rest of my life and Daniel, i told you this was a bad idea now look” “Shit it!the police are drawing nearer, we cant keep dragging these. do what you want Henry. Guys lets go” Austin said and Victoria and Lola followed him into the forest “Daniel!come on”Lola shouted and Daniel rushed to her, kissed her and pulled back“i really love you, don’t forget that” he said, leaving Lola in shock as Victoria pulled her away. Lola cried as Daniel ran back to Henry“Lets do this but promise me you wouldn’t implicate Austin and others” Daniel said and Henry nodded with tears in his eyes. They smiled and then they heard “put your hands up!”

“We announce to you graduates on George university” They announced and the 5 friends threw their caps up in glee. “Hey man, what are you thinking about” Daniel asked Henry and Henry smiled “we really had a nice day at the bar last week but guys i don’t think we should go on that car ride as Daniel suggested, lets just go wild in a club or something” Henry suggested and Daniel got the hint “having visions again?” Daniel asked “yeah”Henry replied “your visions always save my life you know”Daniel said as they laughed“congrats man!” Daniel said and just then, Austin went on his knees and proposed to Victoria. “Wow!that’s it man!” Daniel shouted and Henry laughed

Henry would never forget his 5 friends and so he wrote this book about them. He remembered them till the end. A 2005 short story, written by Henry Ehiano